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BMW Oil Service

Oil Service – not just an oil change

At The Driving Machine, your oil service includes not only high grade synthetic oil, or mineral based oil (depending on your year and model), but high quality German made filters.

Oil Service is a critical part of maintaining your BMW.  A Courtesy Check for your BMW of 45 items, performed by experienced techs who know BMW cars, is included in your Oil Service at The Driving Machine. We do, others don’t.

Oil service

7.5 to 15k intervals most models (Typical of most models based on engine and production date)

  • Check
    • Instrument Panel, Gauges and Warning Indicators
    • Check ‘check control’ messages.
  • Inspect
    • Air Bag Systems
    • SRS airbag units (visual) for torn covers, obvious damage or attachment of stickers
  • Body and Frame
    • Check for damage and corrosion
  • Brake Hose/Line
    • Brake system connections and lines: check for leaks, damage and wear
  • Dimmer Switch
    • Headlamp flasher
  • Fluids
    • Check coolant (record freeze point and PH reading), power steering, brake and
    • washer fluid levels and condition.
    • Inspect underbody for visible signs of fluid leakage
  • Hazard Warning Flasher
  • Horn
  • Lighting
    • Instrument cluster lighting, headlamps, tail lamps, marker lamps, turn signals, back-up, license plate, interior, map reading, sun visor, glovebox, luggage area.
  • Mirrors
    • Rear view mirror function left and right.
  • Seat Belt Systems
    • Seat belts: condition and function
  • Steering and Suspension
    • Check play, damage and wear and seals (visual only)
  • Tires
    • Inspect tires for damage, wear, inflation pressure, condition. Record tread depth
  • Wiper and Washer Systems
    • Check wipers and washer system: wiper blades, washer jet positions and fluid level.
  • Vehicle
    • Final inspection (road test): brakes, steering, transmission, shock absorbers (visual)

Additional Maintenance Items Based on Mileage

(Intervals vary based on engine, options and production dates)

  • Micro filter
    • Every 15k
  • Brake fluid
    • Every 2 years or by test strip
  • Spark plugs
    • Every 45, 60, 100k miles (specific to vehicle)
  • Automatic Transmission Service
    • Every 60, 100 or 120k miles (specific to vehicle)
  • Fuel filter
    • 30 (Diesel), 60k (specific to vehicle)
  • Oxygen sensors
    • Every 60, 100 or 120k miles (specific to vehicle)
  • Transfer case oil
    • X3 (E83) every 30k


A limited number of BMW owners accumulate very low mileage on their BMWs annually, in some situations insufficient for the Service Interval Indicator System to call for an Oil Service or Inspection. However, all BMWs should have an engine oil change at a minimum of once a year, regardless of whether synthetic or petroleum-based oil is used. Additionally, some owners prefer to change their oil more frequently than as called for by the Service Interval Indicator System.

Optional Maintenance Items

(Intervals vary based on engine, options and production dates)

  • Manual transmission fluid
  • Fuel filter
  • Differential oil
  • Transfer case oil
    Coolant flush (every 2, 3ears some models. Condition based, all)

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