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Mercedes Benz Flexible Service System

The Mercedes Benz Flexible Service System (FSS) permits a flexible service schedule that is based on your individual driving style. The next service due is displayed in the multifunction display within the instrument cluster. This display indicates the days or distances remaining to the next suggested maintenance. Once the suggested service due has been exceeded, the wrench symbol, plus the message “exceeded by” appears when the ignition key is on.

Each model has a separate service sheet, which defines the service required for that mileage and/or time limit. The Driving Machine offers a preferred maintenance schedule for owners who expect to own their car longer than 4 years. If you are interested please ask your service adviser during check in.

Each service sheet lists two service groups: Service “A” (small), and Service “B” (extended). Normally, the driving distance between a “A” service and a “B” service is approx. 14,000 miles, as a result the “A” service and “B” service alternate. The exception being if the FSS calculates an oil change interval of more then 14,000 miles, then a “B” service would be followed by a “B” service.

Additionally, any service required that is not mileage dependent is listed in the service sheets as: “Additional work”.

Maintenance service indicator message

The maintenance service indicator will notify you when your next maintenance service is due.

Starting approximately one month before maintenance service is due, one of the following messages will appear in the multifunction display while you are driving or when you switch on the ignition (example service A):

  • Service A in XX Days
  • Service A in XX Miles
  • Service A due now

The type of maintenance service due is indicated in the speedometer display:

  • Basic service (A)
  • Extended service (B)

Maintenance service term exceeded

If you have exceeded the suggested service term, you will see the following message in the multifunction display:

  • Service A exceeded by xx Days
  • Service A exceeded by xx Miles

In addition, a signal sounds when the message appears.

Some conditions that change the frequency & components of normal service are:

  • Operating in dusty, wet or muddy terrain
  • Frequent driving in dense city stop and go traffic
  • Repeated short trip operation without sufficient engine warm up
  • Ambient temperature extremes
  • Operating in mountainous/high altitude areas
  • Trailer towing

NOTE: Low mileage vehicles should be maintained at least once a year.