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Mercedes Benz Service A

Listed below are the ‘basic’ items checked on ‘A’ services. Your vehicle may have more or less items inspected.

Your vehicle age and mileage may require more maintenance than the items listed. This is to be used as a guide only.

A – Service Schedule – Mercedes Benz

Vehicle Passenger Compartment Function Check:

  • Warning/indicator lamps, illumination and interior lighting.
  • Windshield wipers, windshield washer system.
  • Headlamp cleaning system.
  • Reset Flexible Service System counter in instrument cluster.

Brakes and Tires

  • Check brake pads for lining thickness (1 front wheel only).
  • Check tires for damage and condition.
  • Correct tire inflation pressure and check spare.

Engine Compartment

  • Engine oil and filter change.
  • Check and correct fluid level:
    • Brake system.
    • Windshield washer system.
    • If so equipped: Battery, wet cell; Check acid level, replenish.
  • Check battery condition.
  • Check catch, safety catch and hinges on engine hood for proper operation.