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Expensive vs. Inexpensive / Good Value vs. Cheap

Written by maryp posted on Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

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The economy is not helping car maintenance get any  less expensive.If this was the day that one of those famous newscasters stops in to ask us, “What are your clients telling you about the economy?”, we would have to lament.  The ONLY thing that most clients want now is “Cheap”.  That is right — the luxury car owners do not want to spend any money on their car.

Now, whether the maintenance is “cheap” enough for you, well, that is another matter.  It does seem to defy logic that in the land of Silicon Valley where the braniacs and multiple undergraduate degrees reign, people can be so shortsighted.  You have purchased an expensive luxury automobile, such as an Audi, BMW or Mercedes. It is comprised of expensive engineering, expensive parts, expensive gadgets. Your seat warms up instantly on a chilly morning. You can see the dash readouts on your windshield. Your Nav can get you from Silicon Valley to Austin, (to check out the lower tax climate). Your DME management system is making adjustments based on your driving habits.  That’s right!  Your DME actually sensors all of your driving habits, then responds accordingly to monitor gasoline usage, oil consumption, etc..  In actuality, your car becomes customized to YOU!  Do you think any of this comes inexpensively?

So, when one of those precious little expensive items on your luxury car is not working correctly, it may not be cheap. We wish it were cheap!  A luxury car, like a thoroughbred horse, requires a higher standard of care than what's average.That would make our job so much easier.  It can be difficult to explain that the part you just saw online is totally different than the one that your car needs.  We were doing a job for a client through their insurance company.  Their insurance company insisted that we source and use the part of their “affiliated” company. Guess what?  The part did not fit!  Yes, it was a cheap part and that made the insurance company happy, until we had to tell them it did not fit.  We know where to buy to be sure that we are getting the correct part for you and your luxury auto.  If there is a problem with our part (which does happen, very rarely) our vendor responds immediately.  That is why we can offer a great warranty for you on our parts and our labor.

A warranty on Parts and Labor will set a company apart.  When you buy parts online, they are in a box (not on your car) and they usually have something like a 30-day warranty, in the original box and not “touched”.  Once our parts are installed, they become our liability – that is just one reason why we cannot install owner-supplied parts. (When was the last time you took your own steak to a restaurant?)

If you drive it, it is being worn out — if you don’t drive it at all, the fluids are sitting at the lowest point in a component, the rubber is still being dried out by the environment, tires are losing air, the battery is losing charge, etc.  In other words; as long as you own any car, it is going to need maintenance. That is the reality.

We do our best to give you the best value and service for your hard earned dollars. We wish we could offer our maintenance and repair services for your German auto cheaper, but, ask yourself — “has the price of anything gone down?”  NO.  And that is what we are all up against… and that is the reality.

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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