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How many computers are in a car today?

Written by jimp posted on Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

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Mercedes ignition switch EISThe number will vary with each car based on the electronic systems included in the car.

The average car has about 30 and some luxury cars may have as many as 100 of these microprocessor-controlled devices, known as electronic control units.


These units can have up to a 100 million lines of code, more than in some Jet fighters.

The one pictured today is similar to the one used in 2007-10 Mercedes Benz E-Series cars Mercedes ignition switch EISand is unique in the fact that the circuit board is folded 4 times to allow containment of all necessary circuitry and minimize required space. Your key and the ignition are very different than the ones used in years past.Mercedes ignition switch EIS

Additionally it includes the Inductive charging ring to maintain the key battery and a transponder remote sensor to identify and confirm the correct key.

  • Transponder identifies the correct key.Mercedes ignition switch EIS
  • Locks and unlocks the ignition.
  • Sends the proper signal to allow fuel delivery and starter operation.
  • Allows transmission shifting.
  • Any failure will disable vehicle completely.


We thought you would enjoy the pictures of just one of the hundred electronic control units that keep you safe and your vehicle operating properly today.

3.33 avg. rating (69% score) - 3 votes

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