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Tire Pressure Monitoring: Looking Out For Your Safety

Written by maryp posted on Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

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For you and your BMW, MINI, and all of your household cars; July 1, 2010, another mandatory regulation by the California Air Resources Board, (to be implemented by the Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of Automotive Repair) is finally in effect.

So what does that have to do with me? In California, what this means for you, is that in most cases wherever/whenever you take your BMW, your MINI, or any other car for repair, service or maintenance, your tires should be inflated to the proper psi that is listed on the sticker on the door pillar by your auto tech and documented on your invoice or repair order.

But, there are a few exceptions, such as windshield repairs, collision repairs, and places where you only purchase parts. Another exception is if the tires are unsafe. An unsafe tire according to standard industry practices, may have exposed ply or cord, sidewall cracks, bulge or separation. A tire may also be unsafe due to age, or tread wear and depth. In those cases above, it is not required to inflate the unsafe tire. (This is why we need vehicle safety inspections in CA – so you would not be on the same road as someone driving with tires that are ready to blow apart)!

Why wasn’t this mandatory along time ago? Under inflated tires are a serious safety issue. Doesn’t anyone remember the horrific accidents in Southern California years ago that were due to tires being under inflated?

This is called the “Regulation for Under Inflated Vehicle Tires” that is an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles operating with under inflated tires. We would have preferred this law be implemented years ago as we see it as a safety issue. For that reason, we have already been doing this for the past 29 years for you and your BMW.

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