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What To Do In Case Of Car Accident

Written by maryp posted on Thursday, May 12th, 2011

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People don’t think about all of the cool safety features that are built into your BMW or MINI. You just want to enjoy the road and forget about it! But, we are hearing reports that a lot of cars are being “totaled” by insurance companies rather than repair them. The expense to repair or in many cases replace crash parts is getting higher and higher every year. If you have a driving situation or accident that causes front end damage, one of those critical safety features may have to be replaced. This seems to be happening across all car makes, due to the electronics.

Because the newer designed autos are intended to absorb shock and even collapse, (one example is a steering column) what you think is minor could turn out to be a larger issue. In the case of crash damage, you will want to begin with a BMW or MINI qualified shop. If your beauty needs more than body work, it might need the expertise of a BMW or MINI independent mechanical shop to be completed.

Be prepared, know what to do in case you have an accident.

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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