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BMW Tune Up

Written by maryp posted on Sunday, December 4th, 2011

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It’s not a “tune up” anymore. Every so often someone will call and ask for the price of a BMW “tune up”. That is usually an indicator of a new BMW owner, as BMW service intervals are “inspections”. Most have been trained in the lingo of European repair.

For probably 80 years or so, the servicing on cars was referred to as a “tune up”. That was when spark plugs were changed anywhere from 3-6K miles! In the old days, there would be ads for “points and plugs”, a combined service that involved ignition points and condensers and spark plugs.

Obviously, times have changed and the term “tune up” can mean different things to different people. There can also be widely varying price differences, because of those variations. “Tune up” in the current arena of car repair is not relevant. Relevance is what everyone wants these days, and “tune up” is not it!

One of the big differences in current model vehicles besides the electronics, is how often they need to be inspected. How often fluids are changed and of course, how often do you change the spark plugs? Remember the fluids are the life blood of any car.

The plugs in BMW’s are supposed to last to 100K miles. But, realistically they should be inspected at 60K. At that point some people decide to change them out for optimum results. We had an X5 in here last week that had almost zero maintenance and the BMW was now at 135K miles. It had no chance of passing the smog test in the current condition. Plugs had not been changed, nor oxygen sensors at 100K miles as is recommended by BMW. Now what? It has to pass smog to get registered or even to transfer title. Now you are looking at a higher bill because everything is being done at the same time, plus there is a chance that the delayed maintenance has created more problems.

That is just another reason to keep your BMW, MINI and Mercedes maintained as recommended by BMW at a very minimum. Delayed maintenance is almost always going to cost more than regular maintenance. Sorry, but true.

Check your BMW, Mercedes or MINI owners manual for detailed information regarding your maintenance schedules. Or, call us and we can help!

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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