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Mercedes Service B Explained

Written by maryp posted on Friday, October 5th, 2012

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Mercedes Service B ExplainedSooner or later, your Mercedes will need what is usually called a “B” Service. Of course, you will want to take your fine German machine to a qualified and reputable service and repair workshop to perform scheduled maintenance.

Service B inspections will be required depending on your mileage. FSS (aka Flexible Service System) was used from 1998 through 2004. This is the on-dash reminder for those model years.

On some models in 2003-04, it was the Flexible Service System Plus. On the later model Mercedes, (making life easier and the air cleaner) Mercedes-Benz has designed the vehicles to alert owners when scheduled maintenance is needed using the MBMS, (Mercedes Benz Maintenance System). This was the advanced system that “reads” the oil condition. So depending on those readings from the auto, you are “warned” that it is time to take your vehicle in for the scheduled maintenance. No matter what year, model or on board system– you don’t want to skip!

Depending upon your exact year and model, a general rule is that your Mercedes Benz will need scheduled maintenance about 12-14K miles (alternating A and B services–even though the latest models do not call them A or B)… for the life of the auto. An exception is 12 cylinder engines that need the first inspection at 10K mileage.

For an example, let’s take a look at what goes on with a 26,000 mile service on a 2008 MB E350 Sedan.

Inspection of:

  • Battery, check condition using a battery tester (and auxiliary battery if so equipped)
  • Brake Fluid
  • Brakes and Traction Control
  • Inspect the Brake pads, discs, lines and hoses
  • Cooling system, antifreeze and corrosion protection, lines and hoses
  • Drive Belt
  • Flex disks

Check fluids:

  • Any leaks at major components, any damage to underside of vehicle or engine compartment
  • Hood is checked for proper operation of hinges, catch and the safety catch
  • Lighting (all high beams, haz warning lights, turn signals, warning and indicator lamps, illumination of interior and exterior lighting, front/rear bulbs, trunk or cargo area lighting)

Seat Belt system:  buckles and belts and operation

Parking brake:  Function test only

Steering:  Inspect play of tie rod and joints, inspect rubber boots

Suspension:  Check the front axle ball joints and rubber boots

Tires are inspected for damage and splits, measure tread depth (including the spare if equipped). Correct tire inflation (pressure) as necessary. Check expiration of tire sealant if equipped.

Wipers:  Blades, washer system, any headlamp cleaning system and rear window wiper/washer, if applicable.

Washer Fluid:  Replace or refill as necessary.

Inspect/Adjust Headlamp, (correct adjustment if necessary)

Engine Oil

Oil Filter, Engine

Service Reminder Indicators are reset.

Note:  After this inspection is completed by the Technician, if there is anything that needs to be replaced, such as hoses, tires or even a bulb, your Service Advisor should be calling you to get your authorization to replace/repair what is needed and the additional cost to you.

As the life of your Mercedes continues the ongoing maintenance cycle, it will need Brake Fluid exchange, Power Steering Fluid exchange, Transmission Fluid exchange, new Spark plugs, and Oxygen sensors. These items will be part of your scheduled maintenance as some alternate through the years. Oxygen sensors are usually at 100K, if they have not been replaced earlier due to an emission issue.

Ignoring the car service warning message can lead to larger mechanical problems and large repairs that could otherwise be avoided by adhering to the Mercedes maintenance schedule. Many people who tell horror stories of huge German auto repair bills oftentimes chose to ignore their Mercedes maintenance messages and then paid the price (literally).

Always keep in mind that even if you are in the minority and are not putting many miles on your car, it still needs to be inspected. That is for your protection, the protection of the vehicle and its systems and all of us who are sharing the road with you!

Bring your Mercedes in for Service B. Or, call (408) 446-9727 for an appointment.

Happy Motoring!

5.00 avg. rating (88% score) - 1 vote

One response to “Mercedes Service B Explained”

  1. paul says:

    I would lyk to make n apointment for my car seens park it in my garage on january this year last week wen I try to start it the betery ws flat n wen I jump it, it dispay service B on 8 day n now even if I m not driving it it says 1day left n I dont know y coz it hve never make even 5000k of it after service, can u plz tell me wat can I do? Ezit dangerus to drive it or wen it says 0 days left wat will hapen

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