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Smog Check

Your car failed the smog test? You think you need a new catalytic converter?

A catalytic converter rarely fails on a car that has been maintained properly. There is usually a problem that is the precursor of the “cat” failure. An incorrect fuel mixture can actually cause the catalyst to begin to melt. Any situation that would cause deposits in the ceramic unit and restricts air flow could lead to a more serious problem.

Remember that it’s not only “just a good idea” to have a licensed Smog Check Tech working on your emission system. It is one of the Bureau of Automotive Repair Regulations in California. If you fail a Smog Test, the repair is to be done by a licensed Smog Technician.

Think you have catalytic converter problems?

If your catalytic converter is damaged by excessive heat, (caused by improper/rich fuel mixture), the substrate melts, blockage will form, gases build up in the exhaust system, your car may be stalling. You can avoid expensive repair by following recommended maintenance schedule.

New CARB rule on catalytic converters

The Driving Machine knows your car, and can help you with your Smog Test.

We all want clean air, and it is important that you go to a Smog station that has technicians proficient in German car engineering. It’s easy for someone to condemn your Catalytic Converter, but we have seen so many instances, that it is simply not the case.

The correct diagnosis can save you a lot of money. We are a Smog Test and Repair Station and can help you with any emission related repair for your Audi, BMW, MINI, Mercedes, Porsche or Volkawagen. Make an Appointment and we will fix your car!

The Driving Machine is an independent Audi, BMW, MINI Cooper, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Volkswagen repair shop. Our specialists have the necessary tools and extensive repair knowledge and experience to maintain your German luxury car to the highest standards.

Our trained technicians will diagnose and explain why your car is having a problem. By maintaining your car, we will save you money on expensive emergency repair. No need to worry about your car – leave it to us.

Call us or make an appointment online. Your car will be running like new.