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Smog Check – Get Test Results Before You Buy

Written by maryp posted on Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

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We call it “BMW Fever”. First glance and your eyes glaze over. It’s when all rationality and sense fly out the window when you see the “perfect” BMW. You are overcome with an emotional connection that totally defies logic and then you hand over your hard earned money to anyone who says to you, “No problem. Of course, this BMW will pass the smog check, just hand me the cash and I’ll hand you the pink slip”.

Seriously, buyer beware. In California, the SELLER is responsible for the BMW or MINI passing the Smog Test. The test is valid, (to you for registration) if they sell it to you within 90 days of passing.

Please don’t fall into a potential DMV/BAR and repair nightmare! If an ad or someone selling a BMW tells you that it only needs…”a thingamabob, really, and then it will pass smog”….Run and run fast. If the seller says something like, “we think it only needs an oxygen sensor to pass”, run faster because it could be more than just one oxygen sensor. If it’s so simple, why didn’t they get it smogged?

But, if BMW fever has overtaken you, and you decide to buy it, “as is”, if it turns out the BMW or MINI needs emission repair, (because it did not pass the smog test within the last 90 days), you are going to be responsible for those repairs before you can get that baby registered! At that point, what recourse do you have?

We feel so bad for that person who bought a beautiful BMW on Craigslist only to find out that they have been totally scammed. Now, it can’t be registered until it passes smog and in this particular case, a lot of repairs to the emission system. Of course, most of the time that was unexpected to the buyer.

The good news is that the South Bay is like BMW heaven! They are everywhere. You will find the right BMW or MINI that has been well loved and taken care of. Find one that’s passed the smog test, BEFORE you buy it.

Spare the headaches. . . Cure the fever. We can always do a pre-purchase check on the BMW or MINI, too. All you need to do is make an appointment.

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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