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BMW Wiring, Engine and Pest Control

Written by maryp posted on Friday, April 15th, 2011

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It is the time of the year when those little critters such as mice, squirrels and yes, big ole rats are trying to stay warm and have a snack at the same time. Yes, they are getting into your BMW and/or MINI, (they have good taste) and eating wiring!

For some reason, members of the rodent family love to chew on wiring. They can cause substantial damage if left to fill their tiny tummies. There are all kinds of home remedies that we have heard of over the years, (moth balls, cayenne pepper etc.). Sadly, we cannot vouch for any of them.

If you are driving your BMW or MINI every day, you have much less chance of this happening. The best way to minimize a nest happening in your engine compartment is to park indoors at night, (assuming your garage is not already a haven for the cute little beasts). If you have to park outdoors at night, be proactive and raise that hood every few days and take a look for signs of infestation. Little nuggets, nests and fur bits are usually a sign that something is trying to live and eat in and around your engine compartment. If you are lucky, the critter is just nesting and bringing in their own food (not snacking on your wires), and is not there when you start the engine. (Very Yuck!) Call your local animal control or pest control service if necessary.

If you are removing a nest or droppings be sure to wear a mask as some of the virus’ that are carried by rodents can be contagious and very serious. A long handled broom, a plastic bag, and protective gloves are going to be the rule, too.

Remember that your late model BMW or MINI are essentially a lot of computers networked together and making that vehicle move! Wiring is not just for creature comforts and safety related items. It is essential for the operation of your car. Damage to almost any part of your BMW’s wiring system can be considered especially serious in the later models!

If you believe that you have a wiring issue, take your BMW or MINI to a qualified BMW or MINI professional. One who specializes in BMW and MINI should have access to BMW and MINI wiring diagrams and the expertise necessary to do the job for you. Another possibility; check your auto insurance policy to see if you have coverage in the event of an expensive wiring repair.

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

2 responses to “BMW Wiring, Engine and Pest Control”

  1. R McHugh says:

    BMW’s have a design issue with their wiring harness insulation and it needs to be corrected. Other makes do not have this same problem.

  2. Lee says:

    I’m a small business mechanic whom mistakingly bought a 05 bmw x3 it’s had problems since iv purchased it 3 years ago mainly electric the abs light 4×4 light brake light will come on right before the car bogs down and dies in traffic iv already replaced the battery twice had the computer synced with it replaced 2 altanator and rebuilt the shift actuator I’ve booked up a voltage meter on the car and it’s losing power from the engine to the battery located in the rear of the truck I’m lost and really frustrated does anyone have suggestions

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