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Changing BMW battery – DIY – bad idea

Written by maryp posted on Friday, October 9th, 2009

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Unfortunately for some people who still like to get under the hood of their modern BMW, life has become much more complicated. One of the more common complaints is that a battery cannot even be changed out easily, (or should we say successfully). That’s true, unless you have got the manufacturer tool to “program” or “register” the battery after the install. And hopefully, you installed the correct BMW battery to begin with, so you don’t create another problem(s).

It’s all about the electronics continually ramping up in every facet of the vehicle, every year. BMW’s have become so smart, with so many features, so many safety items, and a crazy amount of emission related items, that it can make some old car guys cry. We don’t know any of those guys, but we’ll be glad to help you anyway.

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