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Comparing BMW services & prices – what you pay, really

Written by maryp posted on Sunday, September 27th, 2009

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There is no question that it is sometimes difficult, and sometimes almost impossible to compare BMW services and prices. Yes, you can look at a price that’s posted. But, that does not tell the whole story. How do you know exactly what the service entails and what products are being used? That is only one reason, (out of dozens) of why shop prices vary. The shop overhead is another variable that will usually affect price.

In our County because our State Sales Tax is high, you want to be sure that you are figuring that in when you get a quote over the phone. At that point since the job is not “parted out or spec’d ” (you’re on the phone remember), accuracy may not happen on a phone quote. At our shop, we have always given a range of price when we are giving a quote over the phone. Remember, don’t be shy about asking whether or not the tax is included.

But, the best way to get an accurate price is to come in and get a written estimate, (not just a quote), for your BMW or MINI. That way, you usually get to speak with the owner, (unless your at a big box dealership), see the shop, see the credentials posted, and find out exactly what your BMW or MINI requires. You should also ask about the quality or name of products being used. If you don’t get the answers that you feel comfortable with or if you can’t even speak with a service advisor, well, then you may need to get the heck outta there.

One thing has not changed. You get what you pay for. Cheap and your BMW are not synonymous. Another thing that hasn’t changed, is that shops will need to charge enough to stay in business. And the wheel goes round. . . .

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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