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Tips on Picking Used Audi A Series Cars

Written by maryp posted on Saturday, August 11th, 2012

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Tips on how to choose among used Audi A series cars


When it comes to buying a used Audi you expect that you’ll be getting a quality car, but what should you keep an eye on to make the most of your investment?

Here is something to consider.

  1. What’s the most popular used Audi A series for buyers? The Audi A6 Saloon is the car that’s most in demand according to What Car magazine, and that means it’s the one that retains the most value on the market. It’s a very stylish model and has a sporty feel to the handling. Steering can take a little getting used to as it requires a light touch on the wheel, but it’s a big bonus in heavy slow moving traffic. Making it the perfect number for inner city driving.
  2. What’s the most reliable pre-owned Audi A series for purchase? The Audi A3 does very well in tests, and as long as the car has been properly serviced, it should have a good level of reliability. There are some minor complaints about the wiper mechanism failing, so you might want to have a technician check it out before you part with your money. The semi-automatic model has DSG transmission, and some people find that it’s not to their taste so pay careful attention on the test drive. The top of the line 3.2 Quattro is very desirable.
  3. What about the A8? As with all Audi’s this car has an engine you can count on for a long time as long as it has been maintained properly. However, there are commonly reported problems with gear boxes as well as the suspension and smart buyers will have these inspected before they commit. The good news is that they retain their value very well thanks to a shortage of second hand models available. However, a poor service history can severely impact on that value, so make sure you keep the vehicle regularly serviced with a reputable dealer after purchase.
  4. And the A6? The A6 has a reputation for quality, but you can find that the air-conditioning is a little dodgy in some cars – so give it a thorough test and if it doesn’t blow cold or smells of damp, have it checked further prior to purchase. Diesel models can use a lot of oil, and you should check the levels regularly between services. There have also been some reported problems with the electrical systems so pay attention when you’re putting the car through the paces. But, keep in mind that electrical issues are usually intermittent.
  5. A-4’s There were problems with sludge in the A-4 2.0’s especially. Stay away from a car that has a history of sludging. Think of it as cholesterol in your car. Never purchase a used car that does not have service history. Be sure that the correct synthetic oil has been used.

Put a pre-owned Audi through its paces with a qualified auto technician before you buy. At our shop, it is called the Pre-Purchase Inspection. Let us know if you need a Pre-Purchase Inspection appointment.

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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