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Reality Check

Written by maryp posted on Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

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One misunderstanding of current BMW repair, is that there is some magic tool that plugs in to a component and the car is automatically fixed. NOT! We had a recent call where an adventurous BMW owner replaced an ABS/DSC unit in his or her BMW and now needed to have the unit reprogrammed. The part had been bought on-line, and supposedly had a warranty. Yes, there is a warranty, but what happens if reprogramming the unit doesn’t fix the original problem. Just because you have a code reader that indicates a fault in the ABS/DSC does not necessarily mean that it needs to be replaced. Not only that, but, depending on your BMW year and model, there may be multiple components that need to be reprogrammed after a major electrical repair, component replacement or addition. The person was price shopping the reprogramming aspect of his DYI repair, and was complaining that it wouldn’t take too long and it was hard to believe that local shops were asking $190-200+ to do a reprogram. After all, “you just plug it in, it doesn’t take too long, and it’s good to go”. Well, yes, “it” just gets plugged in, to a piece of diagnostic/programming equipment that costs anywhere from $15K-30K. The person on the other end of the equipment just happens to be an educated guy with 20+ years in daily BMW service/repair experience. He also has access to the current programming which, by the way, is not exactly free, and not always fast.

Reality check, anyone?

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