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Top Tier Fuels – why care?

Written by maryp posted on Friday, October 16th, 2009

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We recently had a new client who’s fuel pump had failed. He must have been following our posts or some other BMW specific blog and is learning more about BMW’s recommendation for using Top Tier fuel. Could not using Top Tier cause his pump to fail?

Well, we don’t know specifically if that was the entire reason. But, contamination can make your pump work harder and lead to early failure. Contaminants or debris at the inlet screen, a dirty/clogged fuel filter, in the fuel lines, (or worst case), all of those items, can cause extra wear on your fuel pump It basically accelerates the wear on the fuel pump as the clogging causes a higher than normal current draw.

That may be just one of the reasons why BMW, Volvo and some other manufacturers suggest using the Top Tier fuels. Keep it clean.

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