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Will Ethanol Increase Gas Mileage for BMW?

Written by maryp posted on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

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During these times of higher gas prices, do not be tempted to put some “stuff” into your BMW that you read about on-line or picked up at your local DIY auto parts store. Most probably it will not do what you are hoping to increase your gas mileage.

You do not want to fool around entering any fluid in your BMW or MINI that is not spec’d for your particular Beemer. This is a good way to waste your money and possibly gunk up your engine, injectors or lines. Nope. No cans or bottles of “stuff” in your gas tank, please!

The forums and tech groups are reporting problems that are believed to be directly related to the increased amount of ethanol being used in some gasoline. A few months ago, amid pleas from all of the manufacturers to stop the ethanol increase, the Pres approved as much as 15% ethanol in the gasoline we are buying in the U.S.. This is not good. But, it is what it is and it is a done deal.

You will not get increased gas mileage using more ethanol. But, it will be using less “oil” that was imported and refined. Don’t get the two confused. Stick with top tier gasoline that is preferred by BMW and many other German/European imports.

If you have a well maintained MINI you are getting some awesome gas mileage. And if you have any BMW or MINI that does need to get checked up, filters changed, fluids drained and refilled with the new, clean and correct fluid….stop on by.

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0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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